Charcoal grills, open fires banned in Suomenlinna


Charcoal grills, open fires banned in Suomenlinna

The authorities concerned have strictly prohibited the use of charcoal grills or making any open fire in Suomenlinna as a move to prevent fire incidents at the World Heritage site, which is a part of the Finnish common national heritage, said the City of Helsinki in a press release.

Disposable grills are also prohibited in the entire Suomenlinna area.

During the summer months, Suomenlinna is patrolled by summer guards representing the governing body of Suomenlinna.

Their task is to guide visitors and to instruct them in appropriate behaviour at the sea fortress according to the Suomenlinna rules and regulations.

Summer guards often meet people with grills and tell them to stop barbecuing, instructing them how to put out their charcoal grills or grill fires properly.

the release mentioned that there are many other opportunities for culinary pleasures in Suomenlinna. Visitors can enjoy the offerings of the many cafés and restaurants of the islands, and they can bring types of picnics other than barbecue.