Restrictions on Restaurants to be Lifted Almost Completely on March 1


The government wants not only to lift the limitations on restaurants but also to see if it’s possible for an employer to access employees’ health records related to the coronavirus.

Restrictions on Restaurants to be Lifted Almost Completely on March 1

The ministerial coronavirus working group proposes that the limitations on licensing hours, customer capacity and seating of restaurants would be lifted as of March 1.

The hygiene requirements would remain in place until the end of March.

The working group bases its recommendation on the declining Omicron pandemic in Europe.

“The total number of coronavirus cases in Finland continues to fall,” the working group noted, “but the epidemiological situation still varies considerably from one region to another.”

The working group also waits for commentary on the amendments of the law that would allow employers to inquire if an employee has been sick with Covid-19, or if it’s possible to dig into the information about an employee’s vaccination status.

The amendments would consider people working in an industry that could increase the risk of being subjected to the virus.

Earlier, the government decided to end the national recommendation on remote work after February 28.

“Though the national recommendation is ending, it is advisable to shift to a combination of in-office and remote work gradually,” the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health noted in a statement.