The Finn who received the “death card” in snooker took his second victory in the Northern Ireland Open


Robin Hull continues to the top 32 in the snooker Northern Ireland Open after beating China’s Tian Pengfei 4-1 in the second round of the tournament.

Finland’s only snooker professional won the first three sets quite clearly. The best streak of the match, 89 points, came in the third set.

The last two periods of the game were tight. First, Tian won 74–64, but Hull turned the match into a victory in the fifth set with a score of 66–55.

The Chinese reached the quarterfinals of the Northern Ireland Open last season.

In the third round, Hull will face Ryan Day from Wales , who is currently the 14th ranked player in the world.

Hull announced a month ago that he has cervical dystonia. It is a movement regulation disorder affecting the muscles, which can cause jerking movements of the head, an increase in muscle tension or permanent wrong positions.

Symptoms worsen during voluntary movements. Hull characterized the diagnosis made in 2017 as a “death card”.