More exposure to school in Vaasa – the continuation of schooling is being considered at the high school


The corona situation of educational institutions has worsened during Friday in Vaasa. Two new infections were found at Lyseo high school today, which are related to the infection at the beginning of the week.

The city’s chief physician Heikki Kaukoranta estimates that the two new infections have caused the exposure of around one hundred people. There are already about 70 people in quarantine at the school until Sunday.

– The situation at Lyseo high school is worrying, because matriculation records are close. During this evening, we will still consider what the school’s teaching format will be on Monday, says Heikki Kaukoranta.

The chain of infection at Lyseo high school originates from the Oulu region.

Vamia’s and high school’s chains connect to each other

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A new coronavirus infection was also found at the vocational college Vamia on Friday, the previous one was reported yesterday Thursday.

Vamia already has around 20 people in quarantine. The investigation of the exposures caused by the new infection is still in progress.

– The Lukio and Vamia chains seem to have common factors, Kaukoranta commented.

A transvirus from Northern Ireland

The hospital district of Vaasa also received information about a new mutated coronavirus infection today. This is the so-called British variant.

– It has been found in a person who returned to Vaasa from Northern Ireland. He was tested yesterday at Helsinki–Vantaa airport and the result came today.

The person who got the mutation virus has had very few contacts in the Vaasa region since arriving in Finland.

– Of course, we don’t know what kind of contacts there were during the trip.

According to Heikki Kaukoranna’s calculations, the Vaasa hospital district now has a total of six converted coronavirus cases, three of which are in Vaasa. No mutated viruses have been found in the hospital district of South Ostrobothnia so far.

Infections at other educational institutions as well

Corona infections have plagued Vaasa’s schools and educational institutions more widely in recent days. In addition to Lyseo high school and Vamia, students and staff are in quarantine at Isolahti school, Vaasa college and Vaasa Christian school and daycare center.

The infections in the Christian school and daycare center are connected to a wide chain of family infections. The infection chain also has a connection to the areas of Vähänkyrö and Vöyr. The chain has come from the capital region of Vaasa, and it already has fifteen infections. In Vaasa, it is being investigated whether the chain is possibly connected to a mutated virus.