Summer highest temperature 32.7 °C recorded in Kronoby


Summer highest temperature 32.7 °C recorded in Kronoby

The ongoing scorching heat continued across the country and the temperature record of this summer has been broken on Thursday.

The season highest temperature 32.7 degrees Celsius was recorded at Kronoby, a municipality in Ostrobothnia region (Western part ) of the country on Thursday, which is also highest temperature in 2020, reported national broadcaster Yle.

The ever highest temperature in the country in June was 33.8 degrees Celsius recorded at Ähtäri, a municipality in Southern Ostrobothnia in 1935.

The overall record highest temperature in the country´s history was measured in Liperi, Northern Karelia in July 2010, when the mercury went up to 37.2 degrees Celsius.

The ongoing heat wave is a result of a well-mark high pressure created at the southern part of the country, according to Met office.

The temperature, however, expected to be reduced slightly during the weekend.