What Happened to Obama’s First Black President? (NRO)

By James TarantoThis post originally appeared on National Review.

The news that Obama has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States has prompted a flurry of social media commentary.

It’s not uncommon for the first black president to be a controversial figure.

Some conservatives and others believe the new president was elected to serve the interests of white America, while others believe Obama’s election was designed to undermine the legitimacy of the African-American political process.

On Twitter, some people are wondering whether or not Obama’s win was a coup d’état orchestrated by the white nationalists behind the protests against him.

Some are suggesting that it could have been the result of white supremacists infiltrating the demonstrations and using them as a cover for their plans to seize power.

Others are suggesting the president’s victory could be the result, in part, of Obama’s popularity among African-Americans, a demographic that has been a major factor in the election of a black president.

And yet, there is another possible explanation.

According to a new report by the nonprofit Media Matters, Obama’s victory was largely a result of a concerted effort by right-wingers to undermine his legitimacy as a black American.

According a recent report by Media Matters , the left-leaning group that tracks and analyzes news media and politics, the “liberal media” that supported the president had an agenda in its bid to undermine him.

Media Matters concluded that the liberal media’s efforts “played a key role in fueling and encouraging a sense of fear, anxiety, and anger in black communities.”

In a statement to the National Review, Media Matters’ executive director Matt Lewis said, “It is impossible to ignore the profound impact of the media’s attack on President Obama and the African American community.

These attacks have been well-documented by both mainstream and left-wing media.”

Media Matters found that the left was aided in its efforts by the Democratic Party.

In a December 2016 study of political activity in America, the group found that Democratic members of Congress had received nearly $7 million in campaign contributions from the media between January 2014 and January 2015, while the total contributions of conservative and libertarian groups were far lower.

Media sources are not the only sources of funding to the media.

The New York Times reported that during the presidential campaign, the network that runs the New York Daily News, owned by Rupert Murdoch, spent about $200,000 to support Democratic candidates and causes.

And, according to a report by The Washington Post, the newspaper that owns The Washington Times has given more than $8 million to conservative candidates and groups in the past two years.

“It’s not just a matter of a group funding the media, it’s a matter that these organizations have an agenda,” Lewis said.

“The goal is to destroy the legitimacy that the black community has had for decades.”

For many Americans, the news that the first African-american president is the 45 th president of a major country is a significant event, and many are eager to understand the implications.

But there is also concern that the sudden and unexpected win could embolden right-leaning extremists to push for their own agenda in the United State.

According the Media Matters report, the Media Research Center’s Charles Kurzman, who specializes in media bias, believes the election could serve as a “pilot test” for the spread of right-Wing extremism in the U.S.

He also says that some on the right are hoping the sudden success of the new administration will serve as “an opportunity to mobilize white nationalists and white supremacists to further their cause.”

In this way, the election may have emboldened the right-winger’s agenda.

But Lewis, who also serves as the director of the Media Institute at George Mason University, a nonprofit organization focused on media and political analysis, believes that the election does not necessarily mean that the new Obama administration is necessarily anti-white.

Lewis says the new election is just a sign that the right is still in the early stages of winning the hearts and minds of Americans.

“This is just one more way that the media has the ability to shape people’s perceptions and perceptions of the world, and this is not the end of the road,” Lewis told the National Post.

“But it is a step in the right direction.

It is a sign of hope that we’re moving in the direction of a more diverse and just society.”

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