How to boost your organic traffic

A new study from the US Department of Labor and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services has found that people are more likely to spend more on marketing if they are also aware of the benefits of organic.

The study analysed nearly 700 people and found that awareness of organic was more effective at boosting your organic search rankings.

Read more article More about online marketing and organic: A review of online marketing trends and trends in the US article People who have been aware of organic advertising practices are more than twice as likely to buy organic goods, and are also more likely than non-awareness-conscious people to have higher sales rates, according to the study.

It also found that those who had heard of organic were more likely then non-organic people to be more likely in the future to buy items that were organic. 

Organic advertverts were more effective than those that did notThe study is part of a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which examines trends in online advertising and suggests the need for more awareness around the benefits and dangers of organic, as well as the marketing practices that can help to increase the overall health of your business. 

Read more about organic: What are the benefits?

A survey of US consumers who had been following organic marketing for some time found that they were more than three times as likely as those who were unaware to be satisfied with the benefits.

The findings suggest that people may be more aware of how organic advertising works, as they may be better equipped to make an informed decision on whether to spend money on the advertising campaigns. 

The survey also showed that those that had been organic were also more satisfied with their online shopping experience, and were more often willing to purchase more products on Amazon.

 Organics are good for you and your businessThe study also found organic consumers were more willing to buy products that were lower in sugar and fat, which is likely to result in healthier food.

It is also likely that organic products are better for the environment as well, as organic products can be more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and are generally less expensive.Read more What you need to know about online advertising trends in Australia:  What can you do to increase your organic marketability?Read more:

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