How to use Facebook ads to sell your website

Facebook is using a $2 billion campaign to make it easier for websites to make money.

Now, a growing number of companies are using the platform to monetize their products and services.

The social network says it’s investing $2.4 billion in ads in 2018, according to a report from MarketWatch.

But the money is not going toward advertising, which is primarily focused on making money through its services.

Facebook is partnering with ad network Audience Network, which helps advertisers target and reach their audience.

This is a much smaller market than the digital ad market, where Facebook is one of the most dominant players.

But the company has been expanding its ad network, which it bought for $19 billion in 2017.

Advertisers are now able to offer advertising to users on their own pages and to advertise on their network.

The company is targeting businesses with a range of social media marketing and advertising services, including the popular ad network AdMob, the online community site Reddit, the video sharing site Vimeo and the photo and video sharing service Flickr.

Facebook has a presence on all of these services, as well as on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

These businesses can then use the platforms to make ads that they can share on their social networks, or use the ads on their websites.

Advertisers can use these tools to target their audiences with content and reach new audiences on Facebook, said Jeffrey Vohs, an ad expert and managing director at Strategy Analytics.

Facebook is taking advantage of this opportunity, said Voh, to increase ad revenue.

While advertisers can use Facebook’s AdMob to target customers, they are still limited in what they can do with the ads they post.

For example, an advertiser cannot target a business with a picture of a man with a beard on their Facebook ad.

Facebook says it has a policy that allows advertisers to target only businesses in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and only businesses that have Facebook as their primary revenue source.

This limits the ability of companies to target and sell products and other goods that might be less desirable to consumers, Voh said.

For instance, if a business is selling a product in the United States and doesn’t sell in other countries, they won’t be able to sell on Facebook.

The ad network also has a larger focus on targeting businesses that are large and reach millions of users.

For the 2018 campaign, Facebook says about 20% of the ads it ran on its platform were targeted at small businesses, while another 20% were targeted to businesses with more than 50 million users.

The remaining ads were targeted toward larger businesses.

Facebook says that its AdMob platform is now a “top 5” in terms of advertisers targeting their customers, and that the company is working to grow that number.

AdMob says it is working with over 2,000 small businesses on the platform, and it says it will continue to work with these businesses as it builds its AdSense platform.

AdMob says that it has already added more than 20 million advertisers to the platform in 2018.

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