How Trump and Facebook Created an Industry of Fake News

I don’t want to get into the weeds here, but the Trump administration is going to need to spend a lot of time and energy trying to fix this.

And I think that it’s important to understand how Facebook and Twitter created an industry of fake news.

The reason it’s a problem is that fake news, the kinds of fake stories that Facebook and other platforms post, have become a part of the fabric of the news ecosystem.

That’s the reason Facebook and its ilk created an advertising ecosystem that’s so lucrative and so lucrative to them.

And that, in turn, has created an ecosystem of misinformation.

Because when people who post fake news find a way to reach a large audience, they can push it through the whole news ecosystem, which is where fake news is created.

And because fake news has become a central component of this industry, it’s no surprise that the Trump White House is trying to stamp out fake news by cracking down on companies that are engaging in it.

Fake news is bad for American democracy and the fabric that makes America great.

And in a very big way, it is bad because it’s fueling an economic bubble, which means it’s making it harder for us to succeed as a country, which has already cost us trillions of dollars in lost wages and lost jobs.

In other words, it makes us less competitive.

And when you start doing these kinds of things, you start taking away jobs from American workers.

You start reducing the power of unions.

You weaken our ability to fight back against corporate bullies.

And then you also create a very large incentive for misinformation and disinformation.

So that’s the way you end up with this kind of ecosystem of fake information, which helps to drive the sort of economic and political bubbles that are driving this.

We need to make sure that we don’t end up in the same situation as Germany, where it turns out that people were paying to spread false information about the housing crisis and the European crisis.

In Germany, fake news was a big problem.

But then the government stepped in and said, We need your help.

So they built a system to fight it.

And so now you see, when it comes to this fake news problem, the problem is not just the people who are doing it, it was the people doing it.

The problem is the fact that the government in Germany has no control over who is making these decisions.

It’s up to Facebook and all these other platforms to decide what the rules are.

And if Facebook is too afraid to say, “This is what we want,” and Facebook doesn’t want those rules, then that’s their problem.

And they should be.

The fact that Facebook is afraid of what the other platforms are doing is part of what’s making them the enemy of the American people.

And the way that they’re creating this fake content is part and parcel of the problem.

So this is an industry that is going in two directions.

One is to be a weapon against American democracy, because it makes it more difficult for Americans to compete.

And it makes that more difficult to create the kinds, you know, common sense reforms that would make sure our democracy is strong and that our government is accountable to the American public.

The other is to create an industry for companies that want to make money and profit from the disinformation that we see in the news.

And fake news companies are in the middle of both of those.

Because Facebook and Google are creating this market.

They are the two platforms that are providing the tools to make the fake news a money-making industry.

They’ve done so by giving these platforms enormous power over how Americans view the news, and how Americans vote and what kinds of information they are able to share with their followers.

So Facebook and the other fake news platforms have the power to decide whether or not what Americans see is true and whether or the people they want to influence are right.

And we have no idea how much power Facebook and these other fake publishers have.

But we do know that they have tremendous leverage over what Americans think about the news they see.

That is why we need to ensure that they are held accountable for their actions.

And let me tell you something else that really helps me understand how this is all happening.

Facebook is an American company.

It is headquartered in California.

It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, who’s now CEO of Facebook.

Zuckerberg is a native Californian, born and raised in San Francisco.

And his father, Peter, was a Stanford professor and a Nobel laureate.

He died in 2011.

And Mark is the son of immigrants.

His father was an engineer who came to the U.S. in the ’60s, and Mark is his uncle.

He went to Harvard, and he went to Yale, and went to Oxford, and Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford, MIT.

And he is the first Zuckerberg to graduate from college.

So he’s a Stanford educated person.

He was the first CEO of an American start-up

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