What do you need to know about web marketing?

Businesses across the UK are scrambling to build up their web marketing strategy ahead of a global downturn, with some launching campaigns for the first time in months to boost their sales.

Read more”We’ve seen that online marketing is an important part of our marketing,” said David Taylor, managing director of the business advertising and PR firm The Marketer.

“We’ve got a very important part to play in terms of reaching customers.”

But while a huge amount of marketing is being done, many businesses are still struggling to understand how to attract and engage their target audiences.

“Many people have never heard of online marketing before, and are very confused about it,” said Taylor.

“Some businesses don’t have a marketing strategy in place, they don’t understand how it works and they can’t sell a product to someone who doesn’t have that.”

“If we want to be successful online, we have to make sure that we’re reaching the right people, that we are reaching people who will be interested and that we have the right products.”

In some cases, businesses are failing to properly market their products to their target market and they may not have the resources to do so.

“We’re seeing a lot of businesses with marketing budgets of tens of thousands of pounds [per week] and they’re still struggling with that,” said the business director of marketing at the advertising agency, John Lewis.

“They can’t afford to invest that kind of money, they have no idea what they’re doing, they’re not confident about their marketing plans.”

Marketing experts have warned that while many businesses can take advantage of the global downturn to grow their sales, many don’t know what to do with their money.

“There’s no single marketing plan for the entire world,” said Simon Wieser, a marketing strategist at digital agency, Pinnacle Media.

“In some markets you have to have a really big marketing campaign and then you can sell it and grow your business.”

“There are also people who want to buy something for their children and they don`t know what they want to spend it on, so they have to decide between a digital ad and a TV ad.”

That’s the only way they’ll be able to make money.

But people in other markets aren’t that savvy.

“While many businesses have the funds to do this, others have little or no budget.”

Most people in the UK have little budget, but a lot have a big budget and they need to invest in the right way to do it,” Taylor said.”

So a lot businesses are struggling to get off the ground.

“Marketers from The Marketers’ Business Advertising and PR team, which helps businesses target customers around the world, spoke to clients in the fields of digital, mobile, social media and e-commerce to help them understand their marketing strategies and to gain insight into how their business is performing.

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