Medical News: Medical school students ‘lack basic knowledge of science’

Medical students in Italy are being told they should be prepared to have a higher level of understanding of the science behind a medical diagnosis than those in the U.S. Medical schools are currently struggling to attract students with sufficient science knowledge to work on their careers.

The shortage of qualified physicians is a problem across the U, said Professor Giuliano De Filippis, who runs the medical school in Bologna.

In Italy, he told Medscape Medical News, it’s a major concern because the medical profession is not well trained in medical science.

De Fillingis says that as a result, it has become a major problem for doctors to find a new doctor.

“It’s a serious problem, because there’s no place in Italy for new doctors who have a basic understanding of science, because it’s not an easy field,” he said.

The American Medical Association recently announced a new plan to help improve the health of medical students.

Under the plan, the AMA is calling for more medical school faculty members who are trained in the science of medicine to work with clinical colleagues to help students improve their understanding of medical science and improve their skills.

DeFilippis said that the AMA’s new plan was the first step toward improving medical education in Italy.

“The medical school has some of the worst teaching conditions in the world,” he told Medical News.

“We’re in the midst of a crisis.”

De Filippides said that although the AMA has proposed a plan to improve medical education, it still needs to make sure that it is a model that works.

“You can’t have a model where everybody is working as a team, but if everybody has the same problems and the same level of knowledge, that’s a disaster,” he added.

“I think we can do better, but it’s up to the AMA to take the lead.”

The AMA has said it wants to have an “adoptive and inclusive” medical school model.

De Pilippis told Medscire that that’s not the case at the medical schools he runs.

“We’re all working together, but the problem is that we’re not working in a cooperative way,” he explained.

“Our students are not really connected to each other and we’re all in different parts of the world.

We don’t know each other.

So there’s really no point in us working together.”

De Pilippides told MedScire that the university he runs has become the center of a new debate on the role of science in medical education.

He said the AMA plans to propose a new model of medical education that will include more faculty members and staff who are qualified in the medical field.

“If we have a medical education model that is really, really well-trained in science and medicine, and then you have a new approach to teaching students, then we can have a much better future,” he concluded.

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