The latest on the death of the beloved chef who died at the age of 84

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for our favourite foodie, David Weber, as his latest restaurant, The Haus, closed for good.

David, who has been on the hunt for a new restaurant since he started out in the restaurant industry, had recently finished his new restaurant, Old Town, at the end of the month and was looking to move on to a new place in Melbourne, the Melbourne Business Journal reports.

But when the news of David’s death broke, we found it hard to believe.

“I couldn’t believe it,” one of his friends said.

“David had just opened his new place, so it was just surreal,” another friend said.

David’s son, David Mather, said that David had spent the last few months looking for a place to move in Melbourne and was happy to be leaving behind his hometown.

“He had so much passion and so much fun,” David Muthner said.

A Facebook page has been set up for the restaurant and its staff, who were looking for anyone who had worked there for more than a year to come forward and help the restaurant’s family.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with so much love and support from the community, friends, and people we know personally,” the Facebook page reads.

“So many people have shared their love for David through his Instagram, Instagram and Facebook pages, and we thank them so much for their support.”

David’s restaurant was set up by his father David Mithner in the mid-1990s, and was a regular stop on the family’s family vacation to France.

“It’s hard to put into words what we’ve been through,” he said.

The restaurant’s owner, David Pohlman, said the loss of David would have been devastating for everyone involved, but added that the loss was not unexpected.

“When you have a family member like that, you really think about how much time they spend with you, how much they love you, and the love they have for you and how they can’t take you anywhere,” Mr Pohlmans told ABC News Breakfast.

“And we don’t want to let it go to waste.”

“It has been a tough couple of months for us, but we are so blessed to have David’s support, his love and his commitment to us and the community.”

We will always remember the many friends we made over the years, Mr Pothmans said.

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