When you have to share your personal information with Google to get a search result…

An advertising company that has been accused of spying on its customers has started offering them an option to opt out of being tracked by Google.

Webdesign marketing company WebDesigner has teamed up with a social media platform called The Unofficial Google Account to provide a way for its users to opt-out of being “followed” on Google.

The Unofficial Twitter account has been making it very clear that users will be able to opt into being tracked.

It has been a long time coming, the company said in a blog post last month, and they were only able to do this because Google’s privacy policies have been updated since February.

WebDesigner said the update came after a conversation with a Google employee, who asked them if they could use a social engineering tool called the Unofficial Facebook Account to opt the user out.

The company said it would be up to the user to decide if they wanted to opt in or not.

The move comes after a number of news stories in the past month revealed the existence of a Google Analytics tracking tool, which the company described as “a tool that allows companies to track people based on what they write on their own social media accounts”.

This tool has been used by some companies in the advertising industry to track users, and has been criticised by privacy advocates.

The latest revelation that Google was tracking users on the social media site came after the social network was hacked, forcing users to delete the accounts they were using and then posting a message on Facebook asking for them to come back.

The hackers used the information they got from this attack to track down people who had used Facebook to post messages about the hack.

After the hack, Facebook started a new tracking tool to allow it to see the data Google has collected from its users, but this has not been used on the site to track them down.

It is not clear if this new feature will be used to track WebDesigners users, or if it will simply be an opt-in option that will only be available to those who have already used the tracking feature.

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