Gary Webb, the new face of fake news?

Former CIA Director Gary Webb is not exactly a fan of Donald Trump, but that’s not stopping him from endorsing his running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine.

Webb was one of the first media figures to praise Kaine, and he’s since become an ardent Trump supporter.

But the former Democratic National Committee chairman is still on board with Trump’s controversial campaign rhetoric and policy prescriptions.

In a new op-ed for Vox, Webb says Trump’s campaign rhetoric is “very dangerous” for the United States and that it’s not surprising that “he is a divisive figure.”

Webb says the president is “a man who believes that the rule of law is dead” and that his campaign is “an expression of white nationalism and nativism.”

Webb goes on to criticize Trump for “making himself a scapegoat for our problems,” calling him a “white nationalist,” and “a pathological liar.”

Webb notes that “Trump’s rhetoric is not only not consistent with the principles of the Constitution, it’s also not consistent for his supporters.”

Webb, who is now a Fox News contributor, is the latest in a long line of pundits to praise Trump for his campaign rhetoric.

In his new piece, Webb cites the president’s rhetoric on immigration and the border crisis as evidence that “white nationalism is alive and well.”

Webb argues that Trump has “a lot of work to do” to get “his message across,” and that he’s “not going to win the hearts and minds of most Americans” by simply telling them that “the United States is a nation of immigrants, immigrants are good, immigrants respect our laws, and immigrants are law-abiding.”

Webb also argues that it would be “inhumane” for Trump to “reinforce a myth” that immigrants are “law-abiding and patriotic,” because Trump has said many times that he wants to “get rid of the [illegal] border.”

Webb writes that Trump’s rhetoric and policies are “not only not coherent, they’re also not coherent for his fans.”

Webb is the author of “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” a memoir that describes his years as a “special adviser” to the Trump campaign.

He’s been a critic of the campaign, including calling Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention a “big mistake” and a “misguided, dangerous decision.”

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