San Antonio web market share rises to nearly 70%

San Antonio’s market share of the Internet’s largest browser market has increased to more than 70%, according to data released by Google.

The company released data Wednesday from the third quarter of 2017, showing San Antonio had a share of more than 76% of the total Internet market.

The data from Google was released alongside a report from The Hill, which examined the rise in San Antonio and the broader Internet market share by city and county.

San Antonio, a city of just over 1 million people, saw its market share rise from 1.5% to 6.5%, according a report published earlier this year.

San Antonio also had a market share that was above 75% of other major cities in the United States.

The Hill reported in September that San Antonio was the most popular location for online advertising.

The company estimated the market share for San Antonio, which includes Houston and Austin, rose to nearly 20% of total Internet advertising revenue.

Houston, which is a city that was the top market for online ads in the fourth quarter, had a growth of 7.5%.

San Antonio’s growth comes as Google continues to develop its mobile browser, which it hopes to have in more than 30 million devices by 2021.

The platform, Google Chrome, is also used by hundreds of thousands of advertisers and is designed to run faster than web browsers.

San Diego and the other three major U.S. cities with the second-largest Internet markets are expected to see declines.

Houston’s market shares are expected drop from 2.7% to 2.5 percent and San Antonio from 2% to 1.6%.

The company said that it expects San Antonio to lose its largest market share to the city of San Diego, which fell to 2%.

The data also showed that the largest city in Texas, Houston, had the largest Internet market size in the country.

The city’s market size rose from more than 2% in 2016 to more more than 7% in 2017.

Austin, Texas, had its largest Internet share at more than 8%, but the company said the city’s share will shrink from 2 percent to less than 1% by 2021 as it focuses on expanding its network of fiber-optic Internet service.

The report also showed Austin, which saw its share of total advertising revenue decline from nearly 12% in the third quarters of 2016 to less that 4% in 2021.

San Marcos, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas also saw their Internet share decline.

San Marcos fell from 1% in 2020 to less 6% in 2022 and Fort Wayne, Indiana, saw a fall of nearly 11% from more 1% to less 3%.

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